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Contacting us for Psychotherapy in Edinburgh

How to contact us for Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis, Mindfulness or Counselling

Please contact us by email. We provide clients with a mobile phone number, but because of the high level of sales calls we do not publish numbers online. We do not chat about therapy in advance. Without completing the initial assessment session it is not possible to comment about your case with any degree of real knowledge, and it is not our job to convince you to have therapy.

If you email us we will send you free information files and have a free, confidential and no obligation chat before you consider whether you wish to book in.

The information files will provide links to our terms and conditions, costs, complaints procedure, data protection and even our environmental policy. You will be able to read around our service and make sure it is right for you without pressure or obligation. Then, if you agree to the conditions, and if you wish to proceed, carry on and email for an appointment, in the meantime you can complete the online agreement and COVID forms (link at the end of file 1).

We do not provide therapy models on demand. The initial assessment session, and indeed subsequent sessions, guide which therapy methods are best suited to you, based on research evidence, NICE guidelines, your assessment scores and your individual case. Your preferences will of course be considered where possible, but Stuart provides a specialist service and it is his job to advise you about the appropriate options.

If you decide (after your assessment session) to proceed, you will be expected to attend regularly on a weekly or fortnightly basis, and will be responsible for the cost of your weekly session slot. (Allowance is made for holidays and agreed work related issues).

Booking a psychotherapy initial assessment session

Once you are sure you want to book, we ask for the first session fee in advance (other sessions it is on the day or within 48 hours by BACS / PayPal). We will also send out assessment forms to complete and bring along, so that you can save time on the day.

Please email us using the easy click link on this website (usually on your right on this page)

Contacting us for clinical supervision

If you are looking to get clinical supervision for your own psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, counselling, psychoanalysis, CBT or life coaching practice then in the first instance drop us an email and describe your needs. We will happily have an email discussion to see whether it is possible to help. Stuart is the psychotherapist who is accredited for supervision. I (Stuart) have a background of over two decades of both supervising therapists and working with clients, and my initial training contained specific externally assessed training on development, assessment, training and supervision of peers. I have since completed additional supervision training.


Main Clinic Location: Scott House, South St Andrews Street, Central Edinburgh
Scotlandtherapy Partners
Currently No postal address: due to COVID please do not send snail mail (reception unstaffed)
Fully contactable in person and via email.

We do not provide any form of conversion therapy. We are an inclusive provider, and we will work with you over the therapy process to ensure we are the clinically appropriate service for your needs and that working with your needs will be within our competency, and match our service specialisms

Stuart Morgan-Ayrs is a partner in Scotlandtherapy Partners, a HMRC registered Sole Trader Partnership listed at the address above. Scotlandtherapy Partners is ICO registered and adheres to new data protection legislation. Both partners are appropriately insured and registered for the roles they practice.


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